Programming Environment for Numerical Computing
Solis: Numerical Computing and Data Analysis Environment

Solis is the successor of Comet, an easy-to-use development environment for numerical computing using the Lua programming language on Android, Linux and Windows. It includes tools such an editor, a scientific calculator, etc. It integrates the Lua scripting engine with all Lua functionalities, and a lot of specific Solis functionalities including numerical functions (linear algebra, differential equations, mathematical optimization, simulation in physics, etc.), data acquisition, data plotting and analysis modules and extended mathematical library. Solis includes SolisEdit that can be used as a general purpose full-featured editor supporting C/C++, Bash/Text, Python, Octave, Fortran, LaTeX and Makefile with configurable tools (e.g. to run a compiler or a bash script).

Solis includes also a one-dimensional semiconductor device simulator with a high-performance and modular calculation engine coded in C++ and a user-friendly interface developed in C and completely independent from the calculation engine.



Solis is distributed in a portable version and do not need to be installed.
Just download (for Windows 7/8/10) or solis_linux_64bit.tgz (for Linux 64bit) from: (Windows 64bit)
solis_linux_64bit.tgz (Linux 64bit)
unzip/untar in any location (local user directory, USB key or Memory stick for example).
The Solis distribution size is less that 10 MB.

If you are using an outdated system such as Windows XP or CentOS 6/7 or Debian 6/7 or a 32bit architecture, you can download a legacy version (Solis 2.0) from: (Windows 64bit) (Windows 32bit)
solis2_linux_64bit.tgz (Linux 64bit)
solis2_linux_32bit.tgz (Linux 32bit)

The Solis distribution includes:
• a bin directory where the Solis tools reside;
• a doc directory with the Solis documentation;
• an examples directory;
• an icons directory;
• a work directory where to put results;
• a config directory where Solis saves the user settings.
• an etc directory including the material parameters database semiconductor.solisdb.

In the bin directory are included the Solis tools:
• The compiler driver, soliscomp.exe (Windows) or soliscomp (Linux)
• The code editor, solisedit.exe (Windows) or solisedit (Linux)
• The scientific calculator, soliscalc.exe (Windows) or soliscalc (Linux)
• The graphical editor for the included one-dimensional semiconductor device simulator, solisdevice.exe (Windows) or solisdevice (Linux)
• The data plotter, solisplot.exe (Windows) or solisplot (Linux)
• The database tool, solisdatabase.exe (Windows) or solisdatabase (Linux)

• Under Linux, Solis includes also an interactive terminal emulator (solisterm), a standalone version of the embedded terminal in SolisEdit.
This terminal emulator is loaded and available to use if the VTE library is ready.


The Solis documentation can ne downloaded here:
Solis: Environment for Numerical Computing


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